Patients and families

The Community Palliative Care Services in the Hume Region can assist in providing access to after hour’s telephone advice to clients, families and carers who are registered with the services and receiving palliative care at home. All patients and carers registered with a Community Palliative Care Service, are provided with an after hours phone number.

The telephone advice service operates outside of normal business hours, weekends and public holidays.

GV Hospice Care Service provides direct afterhours advice to their patients, families and carers.

Five community palliative care services in the Hume Region have an agreement with St Vincent’s Health, Caritas Christi Hospice in Kew to provide after hour’s telephone advice.

The services are,

  • Benalla Health Palliative Care Service
  • Lower Hume Palliative Care Service (Seymour Health)
  • Moira Palliative Care Service (NCN Health)
  • Northeast Health Wangaratta Palliative Care Service
  • Wodonga Palliative Care Service (Albury Wodonga Health)

The Community Palliative Care Services assist clients, families and carers with afterhours planning, education and information at the time of commencement with the palliative care service. The afterhours advice line provides additional support if needed.

Contact the Palliative Care Services or visit the St Vincent’s Hospital afterhours triage webpage for more information.