Health Professionals

Hume Region Palliative Care Consortium are committed to working with our staff and  colleagues through professional development enabling  quality palliative care service in the region.  We are also able to discuss specific palliative care education requirements for your workplace.

This section of the website includes a number of educational and professional development opportunities facilitated by the Consortium,  its Member Services and State and National peak bodies

The Education and Training page outlines educational opportunities across the spectrum of palliative care qualifications and service experience with links to further information and participation.

The Palliative Approach page provides information about the Aged & Disability Palliative Approach program which is  based on enhancing the palliative care skills and capacity of staff working within residential aged care facilities and disability accommodation services.

If you are thinking about Working in Palliative Care, information is available about the palliative care workforce in the Hume Region.

The Palliative Care workforce includes Volunteers. Further information about what volunteering in palliative care involves visit the Volunteers page.