Education and Training

Palliative care is an essential component of the education and training of all health professionals. There is also a need for specialised palliative care health professionals to provide care to people with complex needs who require palliative care and end of life care.

Specialist trained palliative care staff are also available to support health professionals in information provision, complex care needs advice, and support individual education and training across the region. Please contact your local palliative care service for further information.

Palliative care education, training and professional development is available via a number of avenues both in the Hume Region and the State.

The Community Palliative Care Services in the Hume Region host clinical placements for health professionals undertaking Palliative Care training such as PEPA and the Banksia Palliative Care Resource Nurse Course. Inquiries for clinical placements should be directed to the individual service you wish to undertake your placement with.

There are also numerous on-line and other opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills in palliative care.


Many of these links are provided on the following websites:

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